Biography and Profile of KSI

One of the most famous British personalities, KSI has been tasting success since years as of now. Indeed, he is an internet celebrity, actor, comedian, rapper, and of course, a world-class boxer.

Well, eager to know the full name of KSI? His name KSI came from KSIOajideBT. He got to fame from his YouTube Career where his one video reached over four billion views. Also, he currently has got 19 million subscribers on YouTube, whereas he is well known for his music videos too.

Therefore, to let you know about the Biography and the profile of KSI, let’s move ahead and uncover the essential things, one by one.

Take a look at the Biography and Profile of KSI

Well, first of all, KSI’s real name is Olajide William Olatunji Jr. He was born right on June 19, 1993, in London, which is based in England.

Also, his father’s name is Olajide Ademola Olatunji Sr, who has been the working cameraman for his son’s videos.

Talking about the roots of KSI, he has been from the Nigerian family where he also has one brother named Deja Olatunji.

When he was a really small child, his family shifted to Watford where he attended his schooling at the Berkhamsted school.

KSI Biography and Profile

A Glance at KSI Body Features

Well, KSI height is around 1.83 m whereas currently, he weighs 72 KG. Altogether, he has got a well-balanced body where he pays immense heed to his physique.

Profile of KSI and his Career

Right in the year 2008, he created his very first YouTube channel named ‘JideJunior.’ Also, in the year 2009, he created his current Youtube account, which is giving him fame for a couple of years.

His main channel primarily focused on the games such as Grand theft auto whereas his secondary channel kept the emphasis on horror, arcade and casual games.

Right in the year 2012, he became the center of the controversy after his actions at the Eurogamer event.

Also, in the year 2013, he even appeared in the video “KSI vs. FIFA,” which game him further recognition.

In this case, he was awarded in the Guinness book of world records gamer’s edition. After this, he signed with the Maker Studios right in the year 2013.

However, as soon as the year 2017 came, he stopped uploading videos on YouTube. But, right in the month of July, he released his one video.

Also, talking about the music industry, KSI made his debut as a rapper in the year 2011. Along with his teammate Randolph, he released the album “Heskey time” which was a rap song about the footballer Emile Heskey. The song was released on Christmas 2011 whereas he began to do a segment on “Football Rap Battles.”

After this, he also came in a music video with Droideka where people saw him directing and appearing in the music videos for the great song Get Hyper.

Moving straight into the year 2016, on October 28, 2016, he released his second album named ‘Jump Around.’

Also, in the year 2017 on June 30, he then released his EP named Space album which games him further recognition in the industry.

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A glance at KSI Boxing Career

Well, KSI completed his first-ever white-collar boxing match on February 3, 2018. The match was held at Copper Arena in London where KSI was awarded the YouTube Boxing Championship belt.

What is the Net worth of KSI?

Well, as of now, KSI’s net worth is estimated to be around $11 million. However, the same is not accurate, and the income of KSI can vary based on different estimations.

Final Word of Mouth

Wrapping up the entire article, KSI is indeed a world-known superstar where he has shown different shades in his career. Starting with a YouTube channel and now competing in the boxing events is definitely not a piece of cake.

Indeed, the pop star, the boxer has shown some brilliant perseverance whereas he is all set to take his boxing career to exponential heights.

As for the readers, hope you have got a good amount of information about KSI. For further updates, we will keep you notified, without any fail.

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