Boxing is filled with different terms and slang. If you want to be a successful boxing gambler, you need to understand all of these different terms. Don’t worry! We are going to explain all the different pugilism jargon and turn you into an expert.


A southpaw is a left-handed pugilist who uses a right leg lead stance, paws with his right arm, and uses his left as his power punch. These athletes often have an advantage as right-handed boxers are not used to fighting against them. Manny Pacquiao is one of the best southpaw pugilists in the world.


This athlete is the complete opposite of a southpaw. Orthodox fighters are typically right-handed and have a left leg lead stance. They use their left as their jabbing hand and their right to throw power strikes. The vast majority of boxers use this stance, and bettors can make sharp bets by backing an underdog southpaw when they take on an orthodox fighter.


This is a term that refers to a boxer that can be easily hurt by punches and is susceptible to being knocked out. Betting on chinny fighters to be knocked out is often a profitable bet, particularly if they are taking on a boxer with huge power, which is known for their KO shots. If you decide to bet on a chinny boxer to win, you are in for a long and nervous fight as even if they are winning at any point in the match, they could be knocked out cold. David Price, the British heavyweight, is known for being particularly chinny, and his lack of ability to absorb punches really hurt his career.


A puncher is a boxer that has strong power and relies on it to win bouts. Punchers aren’t usually worried about technical boxing skills or being defensive conscious as they believe in their power. They are willing to take risks to land that one big punch and end the fight. There are classic matchups in boxing where a puncher comes up against a boxer. These fights tend to go either. Sometimes the boxer is too technically sound and can evade the puncher other times, the puncher lands too many big shots and ends the contest.

Pressure Fighter

A pressure fighter is an athlete who prefers to box on the inside and get close to their opponent. They are constantly moving forward and forcing their opponent to move. Pressure pugilists are great at tiring their opponents and making them retreat. Gennady Golovkin is a great example of a pressure fighter. Pressure fighters do well against athletes who struggle with lateral movement and don’t know how to fight backwards. However, they are often beaten by strong counter punchers who are effective movers. Floyd Mayweather easily defeated many pressure pugilists throughout his career due to his accurate counter punching abilities and great defense.


A slick pugilist is an athlete who is known for their defensive skills and particularly their ability to make their opponents miss and hit nothing but air. Slick sportsmen tend to be counter punchers who will wait for their opponent to throw a punch, then evade it by ducking or weaving before firing back with a strike of their own. Pernell Whitaker is known for being one of the slickest fighters of all time, and world-class boxers had trouble landing a single glove on him.

Time to Bet on Boxing!

After reading through our breakdown of boxing terminology, you should know some of the main terms used in the sport. This will help you increase your knowledge and improve your ability to make winning bets. With our breakdown of the most important terms, you should start wagering on boxing now to win some lucrative prizes!