When betting on boxing, you can choose how you think the fight will end, decision, disqualification, knockout, and which round the fight will finish. We will show you some tips you can use to correctly predict these outcomes at a much higher percentage.

How Much Does The Fighter Weigh?

Lighter athletes have much less power than larger boxers. Due to this, a high percentage of lower-weight bouts end up going to decision. It is a risky bet to place money on a flyweight to score an early knockout. If you do want to predict a knockout, you should bet on it occurring in the later rounds as the accumulation of damage forces one pugilist to give in and stop. 

In contrast, knockouts are extremely common in heavyweight bouts as athletes have immense power, and a single punch can end the fight. If you want to place money on an early-round knockout, stick to heavyweight contests.

Does The Fighter Have Power?

Certain pugilists are just blessed with power. They can KO any fighter with a lighting fast combo or even a single punch. You should look for these fighters if you want to chase knockout odds. The way you can find these fighters is by checking out their record. Boxers with KO percentages above 80% have strong power, while athletes with KO percentages above 90% have insane power. However, be careful when just looking at KO percentages. You also need to look at the quality of competition before making a bet. If a fighter is knocking out low-quality competition, that power may be overstated. Ideally, you want to find a pugilist that has knocked out world class athletes.

How Many Punches Does The Fighter Throw?

If a fighter throws more punches they are more likely to KO their opponent as they give themselves a greater opportunity to land that powerful punch and, over time wear down their opponent. When looking for a fighter who is likely to end the bout via stoppage, you should find athletes who throw over 70 punches a round. With this level of workload, these athletes are much more likely to score the stoppage than an athlete who is content to throw 40 or less punches.

How Good Is The Boxer’s Chin?

Certain fighters have amazing chins, and their ability to absorb punishment and keep battling is incredible. Tyson Fury’s ability to take clean shots from Deontay Wilder and get up off the canvas to keep fighting is a bout that instantly springs to mind. You need to be very careful about betting on an iron chinned pugilist to be knocked out. To assess an athlete’s chin, find their record and see if they have ever been stopped or knocked down. Then you need to watch some of the biggest fights and watch how they react when they get punched clean. If they don’t even blink and give no reaction, it is likely they have an incredibly strong chin and are almost impossible to KO.

Time to Make Some Bets!

Placing money on a bout to end via KO can offer you amazing odds and help you win some serious cash. However, KOs don’t always occur, and many fights end in a decision. By implementing our tips, you should have no problem increasing your prediction rate and making some winning bets. Remembering the weight class is important, and so is a pugilist’s power, their chin, and punching volume.