Winning money consistently via betting on boxing bouts is a dream job for many lovers of the sport. However, it is no easy task as the sportsbooks set sharp lines and include high vigs, which can eat away at your winnings. To help improve your wagering skills, we are going to share some of our tips.

Size Your Boxing Bets Correctly

When you are placing your hard earned money on boxing, you should only use 1% to 2% of your bankroll for each bet. For example, if you have a bankroll of $1000, the maximum you should bet on any fight is $20. If you consistently bet more than 2% of your bankroll, you will eventually go broke as your win rate will not be high enough. You also need to reduce your bet size if your bankroll shrinks. If your available funds go down after you suffer some losses and you now only have $700, you should now only bet $14 each wager. 

Become An Expert In Boxing

Spending an hour or two watching some fights and reading about a particular pugilist is not going to cut it. If you want to outsmart the sportsbooks, you need to become an expert in the sport and become a superior handicapper to them. You can do this by immersing yourself in the sport, watching training footage, researching a fighter’s coach, and doing a deep dive into their amateur career. You also need to understand the technical elements of the sport and realize when a fighter is likely to excel and when they lack the skills to win.

Understand Who The Promoters Are Picking To Win

In boxing, fighters work with promoters who put on shows and organize opponents. Promoters are in charge of guiding a pugilist’s career and ensuring they become a champion and make as much money as possible as they get a cut of the earnings. Big-time promoters make their living by investing heavily in young, unproven fighters and turning them into champions.

 If a big-time promoter is backing a young fighter to win a title fight, then it would be wise to also gamble on them. However, you have to be careful sometimes, promoters are cashing out a fighter. Cashing out a boxer means a promoter no longer believes in an athlete anymore and is putting him in a big fight which they expect him to lose and are just looking for the highest possible payday before they cut him.

Bet On The Young Lion

In boxing, there is a classic situation where an aging champion who is past his best years takes on a young and hungry undefeated fighter. The aging champion no longer moves like he used to and doesn’t have the same desire to train, and is often dealing with chronic injuries. While the young fighter is strong, quick, and training like his life depends on it. When these classic fights occur, you nearly always should make the young up and comer as they win the vast majority of times.

Now that you have read our boxing wagering tips, it is time to put them into action. You can find hundreds of different boxing matches to gamble on at numerous sportsbooks. If you use our tips wisely, you should see a significant improvement in your win percentage.