Predicting the outcome of a boxing fight can be tricky, but it is important for your betting experience to be successful. However, we have come up with some easy-to-implement tips to increase your winning percentage. When analyzing a boxing match before betting, you should look at each fighter’s recent form, age, the location of the fight, and the boxer’s style. 

Recent Form

Before you place money on a fight, you need to look at both fighters’ record and their most recent 2 or 3 fights. You should watch their most recent contests and assess their performance. Make sure you focus on things like hand and foot speed, punching power, head movement, and the ability to block punches. If you notice a significant decline in a fighter’s performance in his most recent bouts, then betting on his opponent is often a smart move as it is likely this trend will continue.

Fighter’s Age

Boxers tend to peak in their mid to late 20s. It becomes increasingly risky to bet on fighters as they cross the 30 mark. However, there are outliers like Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, who are still in their prime well into their 30s. Also, lighter fighters tend to peak early than heavier weights. Betting on a 35 flyweight is a much riskier bet than wagering on an equally old heavyweight. You also have to look at the athlete’s age in boxing years. For example, even if a fighter is only 27, if he has had 30 bouts and has been competing against world-class boxers for the last ten contests, he may already be past his prime due to all the wear and tear on his body.

Where Is The Fight Taking Place?

Homefield advantage can impact a bout’s outcome in more ways than one. Home fighters are often motivated by the local crowd to find above and beyond their capabilities, and they are willing to push themselves further not to let down their home crowd. Check out Nigel Benn vs. Gerald McClellan as a perfect example of a hometown boxer who refuses to give up. Also, hometown boxers are more likely to receive favorable judging as judges are often swayed by the local crowd or, in some cases, bribed by local officials. It can be extremely tough for an away fighter to win a decision, especially if the fight is somewhat close.

What Type Of Boxer Are They?

There is a saying in boxing styles make fights. Certain fighting styles just do well against others. It doesn’t matter if a pugilist is a heavy favorite. If he is up against a tricky style, he will have a very tough night. The first step when analyzing the impact of the boxers’ styles on the bout is determining what style they have. Is the fighter defensive, are they a counter puncher, do they like to hit and move, or are they a pure puncher?

Once you know what style each athlete has, you can compare them and see how they stack up. For example, an inside fighter with a short reach will most likely lose against an athlete with a long reach and excellent jab.  

Time to Make Some Bets!

After checking out our simple tips, you should have no problem pulling up some upcoming bouts and picking a winner before betting. Make sure you assess a fight based on all of the above criteria and be honest when judging an athlete, even if they are your favorite boxer if you want to bet and win big!